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I'm Mrs Skelli, and this is my personal website for my projects, blog posts, and community, Digital Overdose.

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A quick overview of Eden

Eden has been involved in informational security for seven years. Sparking an interest at 14, she began to learn more about privacy related matters, programming, and delving deeper into cybersecurity. She is currently in a mentorship for Application Security with a prominent member of OWASP.

  • Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, Javascript.
  • Frontend Web Dev: HTML, CSS, JS (again haha.)
  • Application Security Mentorship
  • DEF CON Application Security Village Lead
  • Cyber Security Bachelor Student

To find out more about Eden, visit the About Me section of the website.

Digital Overdose

Want to join a cool ethical hacking community with lots of active people, tutoring, resources, fun events and more? Drop by Digital Overdose!

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Upcoming Events in Digital Overdose

Coding Competition on indefinite hiatus!

Due to lack of member interest and engagement, the coding competition has been put on an indefinite hiatus. It may return in the future, but for now, it is not active.

Tutoring Friday 8pm GMT +2

Previously: Agitato gives a small walkthrough on difficult CTFs. Please be sure to grab the Tutoring Annoucements ping role, and follow updates in #Tutoring-Annoucements to see what comes up next!

Digital Overdose Confrence, SUCCESS

Check out our Twitter for links to the conference talks, and our Discord to speak with some of the speakers directly! It was lovely having you, and I hope you enjoyed :) website and on our Twitter!

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

Watch our very own AtomicNicos on the news discuss the WhatsApp Privacy Policy update, how it will affect you, and what you can do about it!

CTF's are up!

Digital Overdose's D_OverCon is hosting a CTF comeptition to kick off the start of our CTFs and to end the conference. Winners will be announced Sunday, the 25th! (Don't worry, CTFs will be open after that, too!) If you'd like to submit any CTFs for us to use, please send Eden an email, you can find that under Contact!