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This blog will also include tips, resources, and other juicy things for everyone to use. I hope my experiences will also be in handy when it comes to learning new things.

Let me introduce myself to you :)

  • I am married to a wonderful man BugBot, whom occasionally calls himself Fruitf.
  • I have lots of hobbies from activism, and promoting a better community, to traveling the world.
  • I am also really keen on photography, videogames, learning new languages and cultures, as well as meeting new people and learning and sharing experiences with them.
  • I currently speak two languages fluently (English, and Dutch)

I currently work as an Application Security Engineer for Immersive Labs. My current career goal is to expand my understanding and knowledge of AppSec and apply that to my every day life in work, and within personal projects.

My Major Accomplishments

  • I was a DEF CON village lead for Application Security Village, and I ran the DEF CON App Sec New Years event.
  • I stayed up 50 hours straight for Hack-A-Sat (That took determiniation, and four 750ml espressos!)
  • Started a mentorship :)
  • Began teaching the basics of cyber security, and privacy to beginners.
  • Actively participating in Tracelabs, and found 21 instances of information that helped law enforcement.
  • Work in a mid-level position at my dream job.
  • Made an infosec blog, to give back to the community.
  • Run the community Digital Overdose, to help beginners get their foot in the door with cyber security

Employment former and present, Volunteer Work, ectera:

  • Application Security Engineer - Immersive Labs: June 2021-present
  • Freelance web developer, programmer, and pentester: October 2018-2021
  • Former Au Pair: August 2019-2020
  • Assistant Manager, The Perfume Gallery: July 2018-September 2018

Previous Education, Certifications, and more:

  • Highschool Diploma
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training - Eric Schwartzman
  • Social Engineering and OSINT course - Gabriel Avramescu
  • Practical Ethical Hacking Course - Heath Adams
  • Linux Privilege Escalation Course - Heath Adams
  • Python for Penetration Testers Course - Cristi Zot
  • Threat Modeling Course - James Bore

Presently attending University of Amsterdam of Applied Sciences pursing a bachelor's degree in cyber security.

Soft and Hard Skills:

Hard skills:

  • Programming in Python and Ruby - Intermediate
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails - Intermediate
  • Adequate knowledge of DevSecOps
  • Proficient and comfortable using Linux enviroments such as Ubuntu, Debian and Arch.
  • Familiar with Discourse forum software
  • Knowledgeable in informatioal security

  • Native English Speaker, B 1 Level Dutch Speaker.
  • Excellent communicator, can give and receive feedback well.
  • Ambitious, outside of the box thinker, difficult problems require quick, creative solutions.
  • Fast learner, able to pick up new skills swiftly.
  • Type at 78 words per minute with 96% accuracy.
  • Exceptional Organisational skills.
  • Work well in high pressure enviroments, and have incredible flexibility.

Awards and Hobbies:

I earned a plethora of NJROTC awards from my time volunteering there. My rank when departing with the program was a Cadet Lieutenet Junior Grade as the Morale Welfare and Recreational Officer, and my highest position held during my 2nd year within the program was Company Master Chief Petty Officer. I was also on quite a few respectable teams within NJROTC, including but not limited to the Community Services Team, Staff, Academic Team, and Orienteering Team. Other awards I've won:

  • 21 Ribbons
  • 13 Medals
  • 2 Aiguillettes
  • 9 Certificates from various organisations, including the city of Phoenix.

My involvement in the infosec community:

My various involvement in the cyber security and informational security: