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This blog will also include tips, resources, and other juicy things for everyone to use. I hope my experiences will also be in handy when it comes to learning new things.

Let me introduce myself to you :)

  • I am married to a wonderful man BugBot, whom occasionally calls himself Fruitf.
  • I have lots of hobbies from activism, and promoting a better community, to traveling the world.
  • I am also really keen on photography, videogames, learning new languages and cultures, as well as meeting new people and learning and sharing experiences with them.
  • I currently speak two languages fluently (English, and Dutch)

One of my biggest career goals is to begin a new adventure into Application Security. I am also very fond of breaking things, and love pentesting applications and websites.

My Major Accomplishments

  • I was a DEF CON village lead for Application Security Village, and I ran the DEF CON App Sec New Years event.
  • I stayed up 50 hours straight for Hack-A-Sat (That took determiniation, and four 750ml espressos!)
  • Started a mentorship :)
  • Began teaching the basics of cyber security, and privacy to beginners.
  • Actively participating in Tracelabs, and found 21 instances of information that helped law enforcement.
  • Made my first working program in Python! Its a port scanner.
  • Made an infosec blog, to give back to the community.
  • Run the community Digital Overdose, to help beginners get their foot in the door with cyber security

Former Employment, Volunteer Work, ectera:

  • Freelance web developer, programmer, and pentester: October 2018-Present
  • Former Au Pair: August 2019-2020
  • Assistant Manager, The Perfume Gallery: July 2018-September 2018

Previous Education, Certifications, and more:

  • Highschool Diploma
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training - Eric Schwartzman
  • Social Engineering and OSINT course - Gabriel Avramescu
  • Practical Ethical Hacking Course - Heath Adams
  • Linux Privilege Escalation Course - Heath Adams
  • Python for Penetration Testers Course - Cristi Zot
  • Threat Modeling Course - James Bore

Presently attending University of Amsterdam of Applied Sciences pursing a bachelor's degree in cyber security.

Soft and Hard Skills:

Hard skills:

  • Programming in Python and Ruby - Intermediate
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Intermediate
  • Adequate knowledge of DevSecOps
  • Proficient and comfortable using Linux enviroments such as Ubuntu, Debian and Arch.
  • Familiar with Discourse forum software
  • Knowledgeable in informational security

  • Native English Speaker, C1 Level Dutch Speaker.
  • Excellent communicator, can give and receive feedback well.
  • Ambitious, outside of the box thinker, difficult problems require quick, creative solutions.
  • Fast learner, able to pick up new skills swiftly.
  • Type at 78 words per minute with 96% accuracy.
  • Exceptional Organisational skills.
  • Work well in high pressure enviroments, and have incredible flexibility.

Awards and Hobbies:

I earned a plethora of NJROTC awards from my time volunteering there. My rank when departing with the program was a Cadet Lieutenet Junior Grade as the Morale Welfare and Recreational Officer, and my highest position held during my 2nd year within the program was Company Master Chief Petty Officer. I was also on quite a few respectable teams within NJROTC, including but not limited to the Community Services Team, Staff, Academic Team, and Orienteering Team. Other awards I've won:

  • 21 Ribbons
  • 13 Medals
  • 2 Aiguillettes
  • 9 Certificates from various organisations, including the city of Phoenix.

My involvement in the infosec community:

My various involvement in the cyber security and informational security: