Eden Stroet, Mrs Skelli

Community Owner

Eden is a cyber security Enthusiast dedicated to giving back to the community. In her spare time she teaches beginners, students, hobbiest and other tech enthusiasts about cyber security, the basic principles and working towards the goal of getting the prepared for what the field has to offer. You can learn more about Eden under the About Me section of the website.

K. Stroet, Night, Bugbot

Community Co-Owner

Mr.Stroet, commonly known as Night is the husband of Eden, and co-owner of the Digital Overdose community. He works as a solution architect for a VPN company. In his spare time he loves to game, and hack.

Nicolas Boeckh, AtomicNicos

Community Admin, D-Over Con Organizer

Nicolas is a Swiss software developer, an Infosec/OSINT practitioner and a fierce advocate for privacy. They have helped develop the community, the conference and overall have helped further the community by organizing events, caring for members and taking Digital Overdose above and beyond. They are active in many communities and have delivered several talks, as well as appearing on eNCAto talk about recent privacy concerns.

D4vid, Lucifer

Community Admin, and Gateway Ambassador

D4vid is a community admin that works closely with Digital Overdose and the sister community Gateway to help plan and coordinate events and manage the inbetween server members. He is a computer and technology enthusiast.


Lead Community Helper

Mayhaps volunteers his time in Digital Overdose by ensuring that the new members are properly welcomed and prepped for what the server has to offer, he is also:

  • self-taught heart surgeon
  • bitcoin entrepreneur
  • influencer


Community Moderator, and Gateway Owner

Elliot works hard each day to strengthen the bond of both communties, organising events, and helping manage the shared CTF team, also named Gateway. Elliot is a passionate infosec enthusiast striving to be better each day in his field of work. He is a dedicated member, and student.